Editors' letter


Graphic design. Web design. Since the birth of the latter, they have been treated as two different disciplines within design. “It’s all about coding and technology” is a common misinterpretation about web design, and traditional graphic designers tend to struggle when it comes to designing for interactive surfaces. When a graphic design bureau reveals a new brand identity, the website tends to be the last element shown, and the least worked out.

Web design isn’t about technology. Web design is graphic design, built on a interactive platform. It is graphic design with limitations, but mostly graphic design with endless possibilities. A graphic designer needs to understand the web. Information Architects states that web design is 95% typography, purely because web design is the same as graphic design – to present content the best way possible. The last five percent you ask? They’re about having a unison mindset, and being able to design for all surfaces.

Web design is graphic design.

Kim Andre Ottesen